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July, 2016 UPDATE 




Greetings in Jesus name! 


Just as Monica and I were getting settled here in Southern California and getting used to the warm weather and traffic, we were whisked away by the Lord to Alaska for 2 weeks! It was also unusually warm in Anchorage where we were (they, like SoCal have been in sort of a drought for the last 5 years, lacking in rain and snowfall).


What were we doing in Alaska you may ask? Well, I'll tell you! 


Monica's mom Josie went to stay in Pagosa Springs, Colorado with her best friend Lori (whom we've also stayed with on our cross-country treks and we also camped with her and her husband Charlie in Zion National Park this June) and ended up going to a Seminar with a man named Art Mathias from Anchorage, AK.


Art was healed by the Lord of over 100 allergies as his body was shutting down and he was dying. He had revelation from the Lord that this was due to unforgiveness and bitterness in his life, through his sister who was healed of breast cancer in the same process and had reached out to him. He grew up Baptist and thought that God didn't heal today. But because his sister WAS healed and he was dying, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. God met him in a powerful encounter and this ministry was born (Wellsprings). (Art's story on "It's Supernatural" with Sid Roth) 



Lori went to one of Art's seminars and explained that she had Crone’s Disease and had it since she was 9 years old. Art told her that Crone’s had roots in self-hatred. Lori told him she "didn't have that issue." They prayed and the Lord revealed that her grandmother had spoken to her directly that she was a "wicked, evil girl" when she was 9 years old, after she said in her grandmother's presence that she hoped her older brother (who was abusive) would die. She thought the world of her grandmother up to this point, so her little 9 year old heart was majorly hurt when her grandmother spoke this to her. The Crone’s started soon after. When she forgave her grandmother and brother and dealt with a few more spiritual issues, she was instantly healed of Crone’s Disease. 


Josie was so moved by the testimonies she heard about this ministry that she paid for Monica and I to travel up to Alaska to be a part of the 2 week Wellspring School of Ministry Training. It was an amazing trip full of revelation from the Lord, good teaching and training, absolutely stunning scenery, good fellowship with new and old friends and healing both spiritually and physically for Monica and me! 


I have much more to share about this ministry. We've been involved with much in the way of "Deep Healing Ministry" in our lives as believers. We've grown up under Rick's teachings on "Renewing the mind, Flesh patterns, Strongholds and Oppression" (Freedom Teams), we headed up Cleansing Streams Ministry in SoCal (out of Jack Hayford's Church on the Way originally), so this is right up our alley. It was the next logical step in the progression of understanding that much of our sickness comes from "Fear, Stress, Bitterness, Rejection, etc." and can be simply healed by repentance and forgiveness. Tying the inner healing to the outer healing if you will. Spiritual healing brings physical healing. Sometimes God gives the miracle when we pray for the miracle, but have you ever wondered (and I've seen it many times including in my own life) why sometimes the issue (sickness or malady) doesn't get healed or comes back? 


Art's Book is called "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" and I highly recommend it. Stay tuned for more in this arena. 


We were able to minister to a good friend of ours who now lives in Anchorage for half the year, with whom we served together in our church plant in Malibu. She blessed our socks off that week with good food and trips to various parts of southern Alaska. We also shared space with a couple from Florida at our Airbnb who have been through 3 straight church hurt situations from church leadership and the Lord opened a door for us to start sharing our testimony and how we have been healed from that. We also got to sow seeds with our Airbnb host who is an older single mom of 7 children who doesn't know the Lord... yet! 


Monica and I just got back to SoCal yesterday from Alaska. Today we pick up Emily Toffenetti at LAX for a short visit before she heads over to Japan doing missions work. Emily has come with us twice on short term urban missions trips from Virginia to Hollywood in the last year before we moved back. It will be great to see her and encourage her on her current journey. 


 We thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement in our work here. We are still reconnecting with many of our friends, former church family and those we minister alongside within Los Angeles. Our biggest prayer needs right now are:


1. Open door from the Lord for a place (House!) in Hollywood or the immediate surrounding area


2. Provision from continued work (Uber, Window Cleaning, Design Your Life) and from support raising 


3. Continued good health & protection over our marriage (including the miracle of child additions!) 


4. Walking in the perfect will & timing of the Lord 


5. For the Lord to make it clear who is appointed to our fellowship

August, 2016 UPDATE 


Greetings in Jesus name from Southern California!

God is faithful! He continues to prove His faithfulness to us as we wait upon Him (Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 34:10).

Thank you so much to all of you who continue to cover us in prayer and sow financially into our lives and ministry here in Los Angeles. You have a part (and reward) for your investment here!

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day or week? Sometimes it feels like that here. We are working hard and looking for opportunities to reconnect with many of our Christian friends here in SoCal, but it seems like that is a “slow train coming” as Bob Dylan once said.

But we also see the Lord’s hand in it. He has us in a place of faith to trust Him for our every need. He wants us to know that we are not our provider, HE IS!

We’ve had some trials upon our arrival, financially speaking. Just as it seems we are starting to make progress, we hit another “setback.” But every time that an unexpected expense comes along, God brings the provision right behind it. Just what we need, just when we need it.

Here is a story that Monica posted on Facebook recently:

“So we have been praying for provision, sometimes having to put things on a credit card like our most recent third catalytic converter for $1,638.00 after something else the week before for $250. Doug has to be inspected by the State of California before driving again for Uber and it wouldn't pass unless we had all the work done. We’ve continued to sow where the Lord has told us to sow, no matter how much or little He leads us to.

God has been reminding us in His way that He has us by giving us His little signal, the number 11. It's a sweet little thing between Him and us like a wink from heaven. We got a precious window cleaning job with dear friends and when the check came today, I couldn't believe the check number: Check #1111 on August 11th! God's love is undeniable and He always comes through, especially when we are faithful. I love our Dad.”









We’ve also had a few opportunities to minister into the lives of some of our friends here and see God bring freedom. When the truth (Jesus and His word) is revealed, the human heart gets healed. We even got to pray for Monica’s mom in relationship to her hearing loss. We walked her through the process we learned in Alaska (WellSprings Ministry) and when she repented of agreeing with family vows (about unavoidable hearing loss as you age), she was instantly healed with her full hearing restored! God is good!

We are waiting patiently for the open door that the Lord has for us so that we may relocate to Hollywood. Hard to do “House church” without a house, LOL! But at the same time it is a sweet time of being with Him, not striving, being a blessing to our friends here in the South Bay and going to Hollywood when we can to serve.

We have such a heart to see the “systemic issues” that contribute to Homelessness and the broken Foster Care system here in Los Angeles addressed. Individual Christians and families can certainly make a big difference here, if they will open their eyes to it. If Churches, businesses and the local government will come together we can make wholesale changes that would affect entire communities!


Our prayer requests haven’t changed from last month:

1. Open door from the Lord for a place (House!) in Hollywood or the immediate surrounding area


2. Provision from continued work (Uber, Window Cleaning, Design Your Life) and from support raising 


3. Continued good health & protection over our marriage (including the miracle of child additions!) 


4. Walking in the perfect will & timing of the Lord 


5. For the Lord to make it clear who is appointed to our fellowship

September, 2016 Update




Greetings in Jesus name from Southern California! First and foremost we want to say a BIG thank you for your prayers and specifically for your intercession on our behalf when we requested your prayers this week! We had a rough 2 weeks as the enemy attempted to bring disillusionment and discouragement upon us.


I put out a request for prayer this last Saturday and literally 20 minutes after I sent the email out, Monica could feel the heaviness begin to lift off of her! We realized that we came to Hollywood to minister to people for the same reason: Many of them have broken hearts and broken dreams and are suffering from disillusionment and discouragement. The enemy pushed back hard on us in this area!


We also realize that as you intercede for us and for DP Hollywood and engage in warfare on our behalf that makes you a target also. We don’t take that lightly. We are so blessed to call you family and friends and to know that we are called to go to war for each other! We are pressing forward in the Spirit and being faithful in the relationships we have here; ministering to our “sons and daughters” here and serving where the Lord has opened doors.

One testimony is of an every-other-week meeting that is taking place in our neighborhood here in Torrance. This last year, one of our former youth from Coast Christian Church in Torrance passed away unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident at the age of 25.


I was asked to come back and lead worship for his memorial service in March of this year. When he went off to college after being in my youth group, he “sowed his wild oats” and fell away from the Lord, but just within the last few years he came back to the Lord and was more “on fire” than he ever was.


Many of the friends from his partying days were stunned when he passed away and are still grieving. David’s parents, who are both good friends of ours, decided to do something. They are hosting a dinner and fire pit gathering every other Thursday night for all of David’s friends, many of them unsaved.


They have asked us to come and help love on David’s friends at each gathering. We’ve been doing this for a few months now and are getting a chance to develop relationships with them and I (Doug) got to share my story and testimony with several of them last week around the fire. I lost my best friend in a car wreck as a teen and so I can relate to their pain and loss.


Would you join us in praying for this outreach? 


In other news, the Lord is leading us to go up to Hollywood once a week and begin to pray into and over key places in the city. Air superiority must be established before ground can be taken. We will be praying for His kingdom to come (His rule and reign) and His will to be done in the places and people of Hollywood.


One of the ministries that we feel led to partner with here in Hollywood is a House of Prayer called Radiance International, led by good friends Jonathan and Sharon Ngai. They have such a heart to see Hollywood transformed. They moved their space from the Old CBS Studios to a former Porn Studio right on the infamous Sunset Strip.



We continue to wait on the Lord and trust in His timing for our move to Hollywood and trust Him for our provision here. Good friends continue to bless us on a weekly basis. God is faithful.


Our prayer requests have remained the same:


1. Open door from the Lord for a place (House!) in Hollywood or the immediate surrounding area


2. Provision from continued work (Uber, Window Cleaning, and Design Your Life) and from support raising 


3. Continued good health & protection over our marriage (including the miracle of child additions!) 


4. Walking in the perfect will & timing of the Lord 


5. For the Lord to make it clear who is appointed to our fellowship

October, 2016 Update

Happy Fall y’all! While we will definitely be missing the Fall colors back East this month, we won’t be missing the frost, cold and snow that is soon to arrive back there!

Wow, what difference a month makes! We were really struggling to understand what was going on with us here after our move back to SoCal. It seemed like we were in limbo and not moving towards our sure call to minister here in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

We had financial struggles (almost $5000 in car fixes this year!) and work was hard to come by for both of us. Even though we were having opportunities to minister to family and close friends, and seeing breakthrough, it seemed like we were “on hold” as far as our church plant. We definitely had some second guessing moments since arriving here on June 1 and wondering when doors would start to open.

A while back Monica felt the Lord revealed to her that there would be a “shift” on Oct 1 (Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year: 5777). A dear friend of ours, John, who was a part of our church in Torrance, but since moved back east called us to confirm to us that indeed a shift was taking place for us; that the enemy had been building walls around us to keep us from blessing, but that the Lord was tearing those walls down.

In just the last 2 weeks, we have seen the Lord moving on our behalf! We have both had multiple open doors for work opportunities, as Monica just interviewed for a Executive Assistant position for another Realtor (which would be her 3rd position in a row of this type) and Doug just landed 5 window cleaning bids over the next few weeks. A dentist friend, whom was also a part of our church here, blessed us with over a $1000 worth of dental work “on the house.”

We also feel like we’ve received confirming words for our timing and the strategies for starting our “house church” here (a network of home groups is our vision).

So much has changed in the last month and we have had our hope restored! It’s been hard but good, because God is good… and He is faithful.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayer for us. Also thank you to those who have supported us financially, because it really has sustained us since our move here. We know that God is our provider, but He uses people like you who are willing to sow into us and this mission’s field. We have received great encouragement from the body over the last few weeks and are grateful for all the friends and family that we are so blessed to have around us!

Our prayer requests remain the same:  

1. Open door from the Lord for a place (House!) in Hollywood or the immediate surrounding area


2. Provision from continued work (Uber, Window Cleaning, Design Your Life) and from support raising 


3. Continued good health & protection over our marriage (including the miracle of child additions!) 


4. Walking in the perfect will & timing of the Lord 


5. For the Lord to make it clear who is appointed to our fellowship

November 2016 Update 


Greetings in Jesus name from California!


We’ve entered into the month of Thanksgiving and we have much to be thankful for!


We have a new car with help from the Lord! Doug has been driving his Jeep (which he LOVES but it doesn’t get great gas mileage) doing Uber here in Los Angeles. The Jeep now has 165k miles on it and just had A LOT of small, but expensive repairs to it this last year.


We did the math and realized with a more fuel-efficient car, we could use our gas savings to make a car payment. God led us to a 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid with low mileage at a dealership in Newport Beach. Long story short, we have a great new used car that gets great gas mileage for Doug to drive Uber in.


God even provided an Estate Sale for Monica to oversee to pay for our down payment.


And it gets better: That same week, Monica went to visit a woman that she has been ministering to from our old church and she told Monica, “I want to pay your first 2 car payments” and gave her a check for $600!


“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.”

-Psalm 118:1


This week Monica and I will be helping to prep, cook and serve Thanksgiving dinner to a few hundred homeless at Hope Intl. Bible Fellowship, the same church that hosted us on our missions trips to Hollywood from Dwelling Place NRV.


The Homeless issue in Los Angeles is at a crisis level. 70,000 people on the street in L.A. For those in the New River Valley, imagine the entire NRV being homeless and that is the level of the problem here! The Foster care system here is also broken. 50% of kids that ‘age out’ of the system end up on the streets, with many of them getting into drugs and/or prostitution.


Please be in prayer for these two systemic issues that need to be addressed by the Church and Christians, but by Government, charities and businesses as well for solutions to a broken system.


Pray for those who are directly affected: That they would find salvation in Jesus, healing, freedom and move into their purpose and destiny by getting off the streets.


Speaking of… We just found out that we will need to find a place to live by Jan 1st. New Year, new adventure! We’d appreciate your prayers for provision in this area. We are extremely thankful to the Lord and our friends here who have let us stay (rent free) for 7 months, but it is time to move on.


We are slowly getting jobs for both of our businesses, which is helping us financially, but we are not where we need to be in relationship to the cost of living in Southern California.


We will be starting several home groups soon, as a “soft launch” for DP Hollywood, so we will see what the Lord does there. We will continue to work hard, raise support, serve and minister to people and be faithful stewards of the relationships we have here.


We pray for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday for all of you as you gather with family and serve those who are less fortunate or are hurting, lonely, etc.


Let your attitude of gratitude motivate you to reach out beyond your comfort zone, during this holiday and during the Christmas season to be a blessing because you have been blessed!


We are also thankful for YOU! Our dear family and friends who have lifted us up in prayer and have sown into our lives and ministry financially. We pray and decree Genesis 12:3 blessings over you for your investment in the Levy’s and DP Hollywood!


Our prayer requests remain the same:  


1. Open door from the Lord for a place (House!) in Hollywood or the immediate surrounding area


2. Provision from continued work (Uber, Window Cleaning, Design Your Life) and from support raising 


3. Continued good health & protection over our marriage (including the miracle of child additions!) 


4. Walking in the perfect will & timing of the Lord 


5. For the Lord to make it clear who is appointed to our fellowship


God continues to provide, in amazing ways! We want to stay in touch and in the loop of what is happening in YOUR lives, so don't be a stranger! Reply to this email, track us down on Facebook, call us or Facetime us or better yet, plan a trip out here to see what God is doing with us up close and personal! =) 


LEVY Christmas Update

Greetings in Jesus name family & friends! We hope that your holiday season is in full swing as we get ready to celebrate Christmukkah this year (that rarity when Christmas and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day)! Hanukkah is known as the “Festival of Lights” and of course when God chose to send His Son, the “Light of the world” became flesh and dwelt among us (John 3:16-21).

We have some more good news: On January 2nd, Monica and Doug will be moving into their own place! Some new friends of ours who have been attending our old church in Malibu had to vacate their studio apartment to suddenly move up north to help with a family emergency (please pray for David & Casandra).

It’s a small place, but it is OUR place! We are very grateful for all the prayer towards this important step. We will be moving to Culver City, which is just below West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We have good friends who have a church here, so fellowship will be just around the corner.

We believe that this is a stepping stone to having a place in Hollywood next year. The rent is affordable and that will allow us to save up and get ahead. God continues to provide work for both Monica and Doug that is helping us keeping our heads above water and even move ahead financially.

If you get in the mood to mail us something or you want to fly out to California and drive by to visit, our new address is:

8537 Melvil Street, Los Angeles, CA 90034

It seems like 2016 was a hard year for some, it certainly was for us. It was a good, but difficult transition. We can count many blessings and we are extremely grateful for the growth that has happened as a result of simply “trusting in God” at every turn. The Lord spoke to us early on in 2016 that it was a year to dream. We are hopeful that 2017 will be a year where those dreams begin to be fulfilled!

Our heart is to get a place next year that is big enough to host a home church and that even has rooms enough to have Foster kids staying with us and host guests from out of town (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge…). We have the gift of hospitality, we just need a big enough place to use it!

This is also an important step for us because it puts us very close to area where we fill called to minister. We are right down the road from Hollywood proper. We are super excited for the New Year and all that God has in store for us!









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