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How to Connect

We are a family of believers in Jesus Christ.

Let's go out and change the world starting in Los Angeles!

We would love for you to come meet some amazing people and allow God to love them through you.

We love to encourage people in their destiny as children of God

To know and be known, to love and be loved, this is family. We enjoy meeting people and encouraging them into the life they were created for! How can we bless and encourage you? 

We serve the community of Los Angeles along side of many of our friends doing ministry around our City. Come find where you fit and where your heart longs to be.


Maybe you like preparing food and serving those living on the streets. Maybe you are more social and like to encounter all kinds of people on Venice Beach with music, conversation and prayer. Maybe you enjoy Urban Missions like neighborhood improvement projects. Or how about prayer walks around the city or the movie studios? 

We have many outreaches and many resources to help you find what you love to do. Maybe you have a new idea  of how to love the people that we haven't tried yet... we would love to hear it!


If you have a ministry you would like to share with us and have us invite our community, let us know!

Just email us and describe your place of influence, we would love to pray for you and evnen join you if we can. 

If you know someone in the LA area and you would like us to pray for them or invite them to join us, give us a shout!

Shoot us an email and we will gladly follow up wth your friend or relative if we are able to. 

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