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Who is Our Refuge? 

Monica and Doug are a part of a non-denominational House Church Network called Our Refuge. Currently we have one gathering in Southwest Virginia and one in Atlanta that are a part of the Our Refuge family. 


One of the Senior Leaders is Rick Sizemore, who became a spiritual father to Doug & Monica while they were doing Eagle's Nest Campus Ministry under him at Radford University and Virginia Tech in the early 90's.  

The Leadership team of Our Refuge is comprised of 4 couples that all did Campus Ministry together in the early to mid 90's:

Rick & Paula Sizemore (SWVA)

Doug & Monica Levy (Los Angeles)

Daniel & Anna Latshaw (Atlanta)

Mike & Allison Laster (SWVA)

To learn more about Our Refuge or to learn more about Rick Sizemore's ministry: Dealing Jesus, click below, or copy and paste to your search bar:

If you have any questions about Our Refuge or Doug & Monica Levy, you can contact:

Rick Sizemore / Senior Leader at Our Refuge at:

*Other ministry and character references available upon request

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